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Brand Harmony: Creating a Unified Customer Experience

Presented by: Steve Yastrow, President, Yastrow & Company

Your customers’ lives are busy!  They are dealing with their work, their families, their friends, their hobbies, and their chores. In addition, they are bombarded with sales and marketing messages all day long.  How do you cut through this clutter?

Most marketing teams try to address this challenge by spending more money on more marketing efforts with flashier graphics, hoping they can shout above noise to reach their customers.

But … there is a problem with this approach: Customers barely notice these increased marketing efforts. The extra shouting rarely cuts through the clutter.

So, if customers often ignore most marketing messages, what are they paying attention to? 

Answer: Everything.

Your customers evaluate your company every time they come in contact with you. Interactions with your products, your services, your people, your technology, your billing, your systems, your sales and your marketing efforts all blend in the customers mind to create a composite message. The real question is whether all of these interactions blend to create a unified customer experience, what I call Brand Harmony.

In my session at UID, Brand Harmony: Creating a Unified Customer Experience, I will share concrete steps that you – and everyone in your organization - can take to ensure that all of your customer touchpoints are blending together to create a unified experience for your customers. If you can do this, you will have a much better chance to earning the interest, commitment and business of your customers.

(Hint: It’s you set your mind to it, it’s not hard to create a unified customer experience of Brand Harmony. You can do it!)


A New Way to Look at Your Brand: Crafting a Story Your Customers Care About

One reason most marketing messages are ignored is that companies communicate information that isn’t important to customers. Most marketing messages can be paraphrased as “Hey, look at us, aren’t we great?” while customers are much more asking, “How will I be better off if I do business with you?”

Customers don’t commit to your company because you have good products and services. Frankly, they don’t really care about your products and services. They commit to you when they believe your products and services will make them better off.  All customers, naturally, are focused on “what’s in it for me?” and your brand messaging needs to recognize this.

In my session at UID, A New Way to Look at Your Brand: Crafting a Story Your Customers Care About, I will share the secrets of creating a brand story that will not only get your customers’ attention but will also earn their loyalty, commitment and business. We will start with the idea that “your brand is not what you say you are, it’s what your customers think you are,” and discuss ways to create sales and marketing messaging that speaks to your customers’ higher-level needs. We will also focus on the power of your “internal brand,” i.e., the inspirational brand story you want all of your employees to believe.

Come to my session ready to rethink your messaging, in order to craft customer-centered brand stories that will motivate customers to want to do business with you – and not with your competition.

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