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Gratitude Works in the Workplace

Presented by: Lisa Ryan

You've probably heard the saying that people don't leave their job; they leave their boss. Company leaders impact their organization's overall morale and contribute to a more positive workplace simply by acknowledging their employees, thanking them, and catching in them in the act of doing their job well.

Unfortunately, many managers are geared for pointing out what’s not going well or focusing on an employee’s weaknesses instead of catching them in the act of doing things well. These managers may feel that they don’t have to thank their employees for doing their job, after all, “that’s what a paycheck is for.”

Nothing can be further from the truth.

When employees feel valued, appreciated, and acknowledged by their company’s leadership team, they work harder, stay longer, make fewer mistakes, experience fewer safety accidents, take less time off work, and create a more positive work environment for everyone.


Here are three ways to start showing appreciation to your team members.


Be sincere. If you have "thank five employees" on your to-do list today. You're missing the point. Gratitude is more than just a checkmark - it's a sincere effort to connect with employees and let them know that you appreciate them AND the good work they do.


Be specific. Saying "thank you" is good, but saying "thank you so much for staying over to help us get this order shipped out" is much more effective. It shows the employees that you are paying attention - and after all, what gets recognized gets repeated.


Be Humble. There is a certain vulnerability level that goes along with expressing gratitude, as you are revealing that you cannot do everything all by yourself. Let your team members know precisely how they have helped you grow as a manager, and be open and accepting of their feedback and praise.


Appreciative leaders foster a positive work environment. Letting your employees know that you are grateful for them is a great place to start.

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