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Want to Sell More? Then Know More!

Presented by: Sam Richter, Founder, Know More!

Business is hard. Sales is even harder, especially in today's world where you can't meet face-to-face, visit facilities, and attend in-person trade shows and company conferences. In addition, because buyers are now comfortable meeting and conducting product demonstrations virtually, the competition is more global than ever, and buyer's have more choices and more knowledge about various options.

So, unless you want to compete on price, your only other option is to compete on value. Yet too many salespeople send emails, post social media direct messages, leave voicemails, and even conduct virtual sales calls without knowing anything about a prospect and what they might care about.

At UID, I am excited to share my program on how to master Sales Intelligence – ensuring relevancy and providing value by talking to the right person, at the right time, with the right message. By doing your homework before any virtual meeting, conversation, email, social media connection, and someday soon, in-person meeting, you can learn what is important to your prospect. When you know more about what the other person cares about, you can sell value because you're aligning your solutions with their needs. When you implement ethical online sleuthing techniques – that go way beyond just looking at a company's website – you can use what you find to differentiate from the competition, gain permission to ask challenging questions, build meaningful relationships, close more deals, and ultimately make a lot more money.

Yet while it may seem that the answer to every question is out there online, somewhere, the reality is not all internet searches are created equal. You obviously know how to enter a company name into Google, but do those results alone really tell the tale? In a word: no.

The internet is a vast ocean of data. Casting your net in the wrong place or in the wrong way can make you pull that net back empty – when a few yards away you missed a whole school of fish. According to research firm Find/SVP, 55% of online searches return results that are unfocused and irrelevant. How you search, and where, makes all the difference in terms of the completeness, complexity and credibility of the information you find.

Following are just a few of the dozens of Sales Intelligence search techniques I will share at UID. Spend just a few minutes – or even seconds – prior to any sales calls and you will be shocked at what you might find, and how you can use it to ensure relevancy and provide value in every communication:

Often called the "Modern Day Dale Carnegie" and one of the world's foremost Sales Intelligence and digital reputation authorities, Hall of Fame speaker, bestselling author, and technology entrepreneur Sam Richter takes the phrase: Knowledge is Power and turns it into reality. Learn more at

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