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4 Signals the Customer is Ready to Buy

Presented by: Paul Reilly, President, Tom Reilly Training

How do you know when to ask for the sale? When the customer tells you to. The customer will tell you when they are ready to buy. They will give you clues. These are called buying signals.

When salespeople try closing the sale before the customer is ready, they are really guessing. Salespeople are left thinking the customer is indecisive. Realistically, the customer is not ready to buy. On the other hand, salespeople that try closing the sale too late are missing an opportunity. Salespeople are again left scratching their heads wondering why the customer is not ready to buy.

Closing the sale is more about timing than style. The right timing is more important than a gimmicky close. In my previous article, How Not to Close the Sale, I recommended using a simple, straightforward approach called the two-question approach. The two-question approach is asking the customer for their thoughts and then asking for their business.

If the customer is ready to buy, they will let you know. Here are some buying signals that indicate the customer is ready to move forward.

The customer will let you know when they are ready to buy. It is the salesperson’s job to listen. Salespeople should recognize these buying signals and respond appropriately. To improve your awareness of buying signals, conduct a signal review after each call. In this review, ask yourself, “What signals were present?” This review will help you become more aware, and it will also sharpen your listening skills.

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